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more or less 100%(english)

Lebenslauf | curriculum vitae

Part I:
I'm called Michael Brynntrup and I was born on the 7th February 1959. Death of identical twin brother at birth. My parents live in the Catholic town of Münster, Westphalia. Up to the age of 17 I attended various boarding schools in Switzerland.

In 1974 I discovered a talent for ventriloquy. Even today I enjoy speaking with my stomach. First finger exercises in film, first short films on Standard 8. Strong short term interest in esoteric sciences. In 1976 herpes. In the same year I started keeping a diary. During the September riots (Zürich 1980) I met Helmut Käutner. Imprisoned in the legendary prison on Pelikanplatz. After being granted amnesty, I dropped my philosophy studies and fled to Italy. Poetry in Umbria, attempted to adapt Goethe's colour theory to the theatre. Patented the use of oxide-free enamel in the xerographic process (registration-# 444719).

Part II:
In 1982, moved to Berlin, worked as a journalist (die tageszeitung). Various performances and Copy Art exhibitions. Recommended by Helmut Käutner as guest lecturer for photocopy in Pasadena, USA. Early return to Germany because of a jaw complication. High risk operation by famous plastic surgeon Prof. Dr. Pflanz. Intensive care unit. Slow recovery at Karlsbad, Czechoslovakia. The after-effects are numbness of the lower lip and a slight speech defect.

1984 "Silent Movie for the Deaf". Occasional guest lectures. In 1985 I designed an high altar of scrap metal for my local parish church. Blistering reviews in the church news, 2nd prize in the BMI competition "Art for Buildings". 1986 departure from the catholic church.

Part III:
1987, moved to 12 Manteuffel Street, Kreuzberg Berlin. Serious creative crisis from mid to end of May. Destroyed all my early film work, including all my footage on the epic-critical film trilogy on the September riots. New start with the film "Get a Grip - Voluntary Self Control" (17 mins., col+b/w).

This is closely followed by 2 more films and 17 ideas for scripts. 1988: first production funding for "The Statics - Engineering Memory Bridges". Surprisingly "The Statics" (1990) becomes a world wide success. Even my modest prose writings have had a few fans. Right now I'm writing my memoirs.

I love kangeroos and the colour turquoise. "The Statics - Engineering Memory Bridges" is my last film.



curriculum vitae from »THE STATICS - Engineering Memory Bridges«

Lebenslauf aus »PLÖTZLICH UND UNERWARTET - ein Mitspielfilm«

curriculum vitae from »SUDDEN AND UNEXPECTED - A Déjà Revue«

21 Min. | 1990 | 16mm | bw | sound [MBCFILM#32]